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About Us: We build robots tO Repair an entire planet

Lab Tests Prove our robots Clean Toxic Algae Blooms

Our process was tested by an independent laboratory. Algae from Toxic Blooms in Florida were run through our process. 100% of the Toxins were removed. The nutrient load in the water column was REDUCED by 50%.. WITHOUT ANY CHEMICALS OR WASTE STREAMS WHATSOEVER.  However, it isn't the nutrient load, per se, that causes the bloom. The bloom also requires CO2 in the water column. Our Manatees are the only remediation technology that also gets to the root cause. The results are available to qualified parties upon request.

Robots that become part of the eco-system

Our robots are powered by the wind & sun. They eat algae and turn it into paraffin like a meta-organism.

Why We Use Robots

People ask us why we use robots and don't just 'suck it up'. We are not cleaning a swimming pool. We are cleaning living bodies of water that are hundreds of feet or many miles across. The algae is a plant. It will NOT come to us. We must go to it. Our robots are based on the concept of Heuristic Cybernetics.

The Guardians of a Planet

Algae blooms are really algae-azolla-duckweed blooms. They have a  symbiotic relationship that makes them impervious to any elimination method short of a nuclear blast.. It can often reproduce so fast it is growing faster than it can be removed, doubling in mass every 20 minutes....People often want to know how many  robots will 'eliminate' the algae and 'what do we do when the algae is  all gone'.. it will never be gone in the lifetimes of our children or great-grandchildren... it is already too late.. in the 1970s we talked  about the ecological disasters that would occur if we didn't do  something... well... we didn't do anything.. now they are here.. pond  scum is the 'new normal'..  people trivialize the situation and treat cleaning it as something akin to cleaning a  swimming pool.. it is not.. it is the world we created with indifference... we now require a remediation technology that is continuous and stays ahead of the growth so as to avoid blooms, rather than wait for them to occur, with all the problems they create..


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Heuristic Cybernetics:

Heuristic Cybernetics:

Heuristic Cybernetics is a mathematical equation, a computer language, a fluidic system, an electrical system, a mechanical drive and a physical structure.  By seamlessly integrating form, function and information, you can create devices that are simultaneously functional, adaptive, self-regulating and self-repairing.